Mermaid Linda on Kona Gold


Dip your toes into the ocean as you ride.

Valley Rides

through a rich, historical, Hawaiian cultural forest.


Intern Horsemanship Volunteer

This program is one or two days a week, 2 to 4 hours a day. A way for Volunteers who would like to be able to be around horses and learn to care for them. We are currently clearing paths to incorporate advance riding lessons, as well repairing fences or fencing areas for additional pastures,...
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Hawaii’s most photographed stallion

  • Legacy Horsemanship also offers horse rentals for photo shoots. Book for a shoot with the A real stallion, not a mare or a neutered horse. We have other horses to choose from. Photo Rentals  on locations starts at $75.00 an hour, local beach scene is $90.00 for thirty minutes. Other location and other horse...
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