Mermaid Linda on Kona Gold


Dip your toes into the ocean as you ride.

Valley Rides

through a rich, historical, Hawaiian cultural forest.

Horse Rentals

Horse Rentals

Legacy horsemanship started allowing our horses in photo-shoots due to the Late Kona Gold, a stallion a true producing male horse. It was to help those who dreamed of having a horse standing or poising on a horse to gain that perfect shot and experience a chance in a life time to say they met a "true gentle stallion". We are continuing with our program with his mare, and son, nephew as well as our two new horses. The rates quoted below is based on one horse at a time, for additional horses 20% off of the based price.


Photo-Shoots:$85.00 Greenery hour
$120.00 Beach hour
$170.00 Ocean and Sand hour

Weekends and mid day  Beach rental is an additional $15.00

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