Mermaid Linda on Kona Gold


Dip your toes into the ocean as you ride.

Valley Rides

through a rich, historical, Hawaiian cultural forest.


Intern Horsemanship Volunteer

This program is one or two days a week, 2 to 4 hours a day. A way for Volunteers who would like to be able to be around horses and learn to care for them. We are currently clearing paths to incorporate advance riding lessons, as well repairing fences or fencing areas for additional pastures, washing the horses for a Photo shoot. Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age, be physically fit and have no mental limitations and have a strong work ethics, must have your own health insurance. For minors parents must make the initial contact.

This program could be  a way to work towards Legacy Horsemanship Foundation Lessons. But lessons must commence after a 2 work days longer than two hours per day.  Day starts at 8 am. Or afternoons 4 pm weekdays.


  1. Are you still volunteers? Is it only weekdays?
    • leolani
  2. Aloha! Are you offering another intern horsemanship volunteer program this year? I'm very interested! Mahalo, Marisol
    • leolani
      Yes pleas get a hold of me at+18087969616

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